our aim, our team & our space

About Our Service

First and foremost Kingsclere Counselling Service aims to provide an environment for clients which is warm, welcoming, reassuring and safe; in which they can receive the highest standard of therapy based on robust knowledge, strong ethics and professionalism.

The aim in the wider community is to cultivate a strong reputation as leaders in our field, liaising with other organisations and health professionals to improve the conversations around Mental Health and access to therapy.

Those who work within Kingsclere Counselling Service are deeply compassionate individuals with a drive to make a difference, who feel a sense of pride at being part of a team, working together and supportively towards shared goals.

Our therapists use a variety of approaches and methods to support you based on their individual training and preferences. Research has repeatedly shown that the most significant factor in predicting how effective therapy will be is the connection between you and your therapist.

All the therapists here are qualified, insured, and members of a Professional Body. This means they adhere to a code of ethics, have regular supervision to ensure they are working safely and effectively, and are committed to continuing their professional and personal development.